Global Club Music Networking Session

Diverse club culture towards global solidarity

Darius Darek
Eli Levinson by Jessica Blain Descormiers


Coordinated by Darius Darek (Poland/Germany), Taxi Mundjal Musix;
and Eli Levinson (Canada), Stone Tree Records

The Annual Global Club Music Networking Session enables artists and professionals to strengthen existing connections and create new ones in the global electronic music scene. Since long before COVID-19, the Global Club Music scene has been addressing burning topics. Some of the issues addressed are systemic inequalities, racism, environmental footprint, gender-equal line-ups, eco-conscious club nights, intergenerational connections, more accessible events, empowerment, and artistic collaborations with marginalized communities.

This networking session will focus on how we as a community can foster safe spaces for diverse audiences and sounds, nurture environments that inspire discussions, encourage people, and drive our community towards new ideas and actions to raise awareness of individual responsibility and global solidarity.