Global Latines Networking Session

Establishing a platform for continuous connection

Consuelo Arbelaez
Catalina Maria Johnson by Brenda Azueta
Alfredo Caxaj


Coordinated by Catalina Maria Johnson (USA), Beat Latino;
with Consuelo Arbelaez (Colombia/Italy), CA Musica; Alfredo Caxaj (Guatemala/Canada), Sunfest

This year’s networking session is designed not only to get to know each other, but also to share a pilot platform for continuous communication among industry professionals working with Latine music. We will share information about industry events/marketplaces, support/grants, artist tours/festivals, record labels, artistic residencies/collaborations, and new technologies. Further details will be shared live!

As usual, we welcome artists, managers, tour managers, media, presenters, festival directors, record labels, curators, and any others working or interested in working with U.S. Latino, Latin American, Iberian, Iberian-American music in any capacity.