Ben Kirschenbaum


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Directed by Ben Kirchenbaum & Shye Ben Tzur
Duration 43’ | Hebrew with English subtitles

Halel (meaning ‘praise’ in Hebrew) is a poetic audiovisual journey. A solo live music performance, weaved with devotional poetries composed by Shye Ben Tzur, and filmed in the Augusta Victoria Church and on the outskirts of Jerusalem's sacred landscape. Halel is an artistic odyssey moving from meditation into ecstasy.

Ben Kirchenbaum is a cinematographer, director and editor focusing on capturing and translating music into eye-enchanting visuals. He has worked with leading artists and musicians such as Noga Erez, Lola Marsh, Raw Tapes and Rejoicer. Shye Ben Tzur is a New York-born Israeli musician, poet, and singer, based in India and Israel. In 2015, Shye collaborated with British musician Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead, culminating in the album Junun.

Production Country and Year Israel, 2021
Producer Shye Ben Tzur
Director of Photography Ben Kirschenbaum
Sound Adir Dadia Shakya
Editor Ben Kirschenbaum