Itamar Borochov

(Israel /USA)

Itamar Borochov by Ronen Goldeman
Itamar Borochov by Jaka Vinsek


Itamar Borochov draws from a broad palette of influences: bebop, rock, Arabic maqam scales, North African Gnawa music and the Sephardic music that he first encountered in a local Yemenite-Jewish synagogue in his native city of Jaffa.
He began playing trumpet at the age of eleven and immersed himself in the discovery of the jazz trumpet lineage from Louis Armstrong to Miles Davis to Wynton Marsalis, a passion which led to him relocating to New York in his mid-20s, where he was taught by famed bebop pianist Barry Harris. Now Brooklyn-based, he’s creating his own story, melding his Middle-Eastern roots into the jazz quartet format over three acclaimed albums to date and extensive international touring with his formidably talented quartet.

Itamar Borochov - trumpet
Rob Clearfield - piano
Jay Sawyer - drums
Cedric Raymond - bass