Kapela Maliszów



The Malisz family hail from Męcina Mała, a small village in the Beskid Niski region of the Western Carpathians. The family orchestra, Kapela Maliszów, comprises the multi-instrumentalist Jan Malisz with daughter Zuzanna on vocals and percussion and son Kacper on violin and basolia. The rich variety of traditional folk songs and dance music from Gorlice county are the basis of their repertoire, as well as the inspiration for their original compositions characterised by fiery, trance-like mazurkas driven by the precociously proficient violin playing of Kacper Malisz and the organic improvisatory interplay of a family brought up on music. Jan Malisz was himself taught the basics of a variety of instruments by his father Jozef and today, as well as playing them, he builds violins, hurdy-gurdys, nyckelharpas and pipes in his workshop.

Jan Malisz - violin, basolia, accordion, vocals Zuzanna Malisz - vocals, drums
Kacper Malisz - violin, basolia