Karmento (Spain)

Karmento by Juan Pérez Fajardo

Carmen Toledo aka Karmento is a storyteller in song, crafting compositional chapters that draw from the musical traditions and folklore of her native La Mancha, the rhythms of the seguidillas, and outwards through copla, flamenco and contemporary pop, her powerful voice exploring the tension between leaving and returning, being and becoming. She began down her artistic path in 2012, starting a new life in Malta, interacting with international musicians and writing the songs that would suffuse her first album, Mudanzas, with poignant observations on childhood, memory, home and the conflict between the place you're from and your own individuality. Her acclaimed second album, Este devenir, followed in 2020. Earlier this year she was a finalist in the heats for Spain's Eurovision entry at Benidorm Fest 2023 with her La Mancha-folklore inspired song, Quiero y duelo.