Lalala Napoli


Lalala Napoli by Laetitia Gessler
Lalala Napoli by Laetitia Gessler


In 2015, after 40 years of music-making, the French folk supergoup Bratsch hung up their well-worn travelling shoes and called it a day. But it wasn’t long before accordionist and singer François Castiello answered the call to return to his roots and launched himself with renewed energy into his brand-new project, Lalala Napoli.
Revisiting and reinventing Neapolitan music through the vision of an imaginary Naples crossroads where the diverse music of the Mediterranean and Central Europe meet and meld into the city’s signature dance, the tarantella, enhancing its trance-inducing properties with an exuberant intensity, powered by two accordions, violin, double bass, drums and electric guitar. Since the 2017 release of the album Disparato, Lalala Napoli has been busy igniting audiences at festivals and clubs throughout Europe, as evidenced in the recent Lalala Live album release.

François Castiello - accordion, vocal
Julien Cretin - accordion
Thomas Garnier - flute, guitar
Maxime Oudry - double bass
Nicolas Lopez - violin
François Vinoche - drums

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