Latinos and the Global Music Industry

Challenges, Opportunities and Contributions

Catalina Maria Johnson, by Santiago Weksler
David Chavez, by Juan F. Hernandez
Consuelo Arbelaez, by Nico Terpstra
Miguel Angel Garcia Garrido, by Lola Garcia Garrido
  • event type:WOMEX 15 Conference
  • date:24 Oct 2015
  • time:12:00 - 12:45
  • city/area:Budapest
  • venue:Conference Room 1, Bálna
  • country:Hungary
  • event posted by:Piranha Arts

Chaired by:

Catalina Maria Johnson (USA)
Journalist & radio host/producer, Beat Latino


Consuelo Arbelaez (Colombia/Italy)
Artistic strategies & tour producer, Evvivashow

David Chavez (USA)
Founder & artistic director, Sound Culture Center for Global Arts

Miguel Angel Garcia Garrido (Spain)
Director/founder, Charco Musica

Why is Spanish flamenco or Argentine tango often presented as world music, while Mexican son jarocho, is largely overlooked? How can Latin genres other than the cumbia become part of the global scene? When European artists “discover” sounds from the Americas and make them more widely known (e.g., in the case of Quantic, Richard Blair and Colombia), is this a good thing, a necessary process, cultural appropriation or none of the above? Are you surprised that Canada's 2015 Juno for Best World Music Album went to a Mexican singer/songwriter?

This session will foster a dialogue about the role of Latinos in our industry including obstacles, opportunities, contributions, tools and strategies (education, cultural markets, digital tools) to develop the world music industry in Latin America as well as raise awareness within the global music scene of the true breadth and depth of the Latin American musical experience.

Photo credit: Miguel Angel Garcia Garrido, by Lola Garcia Garrido