Les Héritières - Tribute to Cheikha Rimitti (Algeria/Tunisia/France)

Les Héritières – Tribute to Cheikha Rimitti (Algeria/France)


Four contemporary singing stars – Souad Asla, Samira Brahmia, Cheikha Hadjla and Nawel Ben Kraïem – came together at the Magic Barbès 2021 Festival in Paris as Les Héritières, to pay tribute to Algeria's most influential and loved artist of the 20th century, Cheikha Rimitti, often called 'the mother of raï music', and a direct influence on the international successful raï artists of the ‘80s, like Cheb Khaled and Cheb Mami. Rimitti's extraordinary and difficult life-story informed her songs and her fame spread beyond Algeria across the Maghreb, earning her the kind of adulation and cultural significance only accorded to artists the calibre of Oum Kalthoum or Edith Piaf. Cheikha Rimitti died in 2006, aged 83. Now Les Héritières continue to carry the flame of Rimitti's rebellious spirit to a new generation.