Maria Mazzotta



During her 15-year tenure with the mighty Apulian folk revivalists Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino, Maria Mazzotta brought an extensive knowledge of the highly differentiated cultural expressions of southern Italy to the band's repertoire, recording six albums with them and participating in major international world music festivals. She left the ensemble in 2015 to concentrate on her work with the Miguel Angel Berna dance company, participate in the Carlos Saura film, La Jota, and form a duo with Albanian cellist Redi Hasa, with whom she recorded two albums. In her latest project she teams up with accordionist/ pianist Vince Abbracciante to further explore Apulian traditions and meld them with inflections from Balkan music and beyond, a direction foreshadowed in her album, Amoreamaro (Bitter Love), that featured in many prestigious 'Albums of the Year' lists in 2020.

Master of Ceremony: Kerry Clarke (Canada)