Marina Satti


Marina Satti by Penelopi Gerasimou
Marina Satti by Penelopi Gerasimou


Greek-Sudanese multi-talent Marina Satti was an architecture student-turned-television actress in Athens, listening to Björk and Berlin electronica, before going to Berklee College of Music, where she rediscovered the music of her roots. Back in Athens after graduation, she formed the women’s vocal group Fones, incorporating Greek and Balkan folk influences into her songs.
A video shot in her apartment of their acoustic cover of an old rebetiko song, Koupes, went viral, accidentally setting her on the path to the celebrity-status incurred with the next one-take, no-budget video-clip for her song ‘Mantissa’, showing her and her girl-gang dancing through the streets of inner-city Athens, singing out a message of hope and empowerment. It’s become a bona-fide YouTube hit, racking up more than 40 million views and inspiring hundreds of tribute and even parody videos.

Marina Satti - vocals
Erasmia Markidi - vocals
Eleni Papadimitriou - vocals
Eleni Pozatzidou - vocals
Virginia Fragkoulatzi - vocals
Konstantinos Fortsas - bagpipe kaval
Sotirios Ntouvas - drums
Angelos Polychronou - percussion

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