Marta Topferova & Milokraj

(Czech Republic)

Photo Credit: Michaela Feuereoslova


Marta Topferova was born in former Czechoslovakia and emigrated to the United States at a young age where she encountered and was enamoured by the music of the Hispanic community. Learning Spanish as a teenager, she taught herself to play cuatro and then set out to carve a considerable reputation as a singer and songwriter of her own unique style of pan-Latin American music, redolent with the poetic influence of Lorca, Yupanqui and Jara, yet retaining undeniable hints of her Eastern-European roots. From her New York base she released a string of acclaimed albums, working with internationally prominent musicians and touring world-wide. In 2012 she returned to Prague to reconnect with her roots, forming the Milokraj ensemble and writing in her native language for the first time. Their second album, Tento svět, was released this year.

Marta Topferová - vocals, cuatro, band leader
Stanislav Palúch - violin
David Dorůžka - violin
Mykhaylo Zakhariya - cimbalom
Róbert Ragan - acoustic bass