Meet the Recipient of the WOMEX 19 Artist Award:

Kayhan Kalhor

Kayhan Kalhor by Todd Rosenberg
Simon Broughton


Session 24

Recipient of the WOMEX 19 Artist Award Kayhan Kalhor (Iran/USA)

interviewed by Simon Broughton (UK), Songlines

Meet the recipient of the WOMEX 19 Artist Award, Kayhan Kalhor, the day before Sunday’s Award Ceremony. In this session, he will be interviewed by Simon Broughton, editor-in-chief of Songlines.

For his long-term dedication to balance tradition and innovation in Persian music; his virtuosity on the kamancheh; the beauty of his interpretation; his openness in collaborating with fellow artists from different musical fields; and the gift of taking the audience on marvellous listening voyages for the heart, mind and spirit: for these reasons we celebrate Kayhan Kalhor as the WOMEX 19 Artist Award Recipient.