Mro Song and Dance

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Original title: Mro Cho Ploong Hon Plai
Directed by Asifuzzaman Khan
Duration 18.25’ | Mro and Bangla with English subtitles

The Mro is a small indigenous community living scattered in the hill district of Bandarban in South-Eastern Bangladesh. They have their own rich language, culture and tradition. Their unique musical instrument called ploong (or plung) is a mouth organ made from gourds and bamboo. This documentary is about Mro culture and the ploong or plung.

Asifuzzaman Khan is an art manager based in Bangladesh. His focus area is local and international music and organising festivals. He has been working with Dhaka International FolkFest since its inception in 2015. He is fascinated about working with artists' potential and promoting them across platforms and Mro Cho Ploong Hon Plai is the first documentary initiative funded by Goethe-Institut Bangladesh.

Asifuzzaman Khan will be attending WOMEX in person.

Production Country, Year Bangladesh, 2021
Produced by Native Roots
Co-produced by Goethe-Institut Bangladesh
Producers Asifuzzaman Khan, Samira Syed (Goethe-Institut Bangladesh)
Executive Producer Dr. Kirsten Hackenbroch (Goethe-Institut Bangladesh)
Director of Photography Syed Mehedy Hasan
Sound Ripon Nath
Editor Syed Mehedy Hasan