Music During the Revolutions and Social Instability

How music overcomes political collapses, prejudices and makes its own way

Alona Dmukhovska by Alina Kuchma
Nick Hobbs by Ayşem Balay
Alykhan Kaba by Eddy Densow


Session 23

Chaired by Alona Dmukhovska (Ukraine), Music Export Ukraine

with Nick Hobbs (UK/Turkey), Charmworks;
Alykhan Kaba (Canada/USA), Kabul Dreams

This discussion will look at how revolutions have hindered, helped, or were shaped by music, taking examples from Ukraine, Turkey and Afghanistan. After a revolution in 2014 and an armed conflict with Russia, the music industry in Ukraine was set to be doomed, only to find its local scene flourished. Turkey is another example of a country that historically had many episodes of social instability. How does it influence the whole industry? And when Kabul Dreams, the first rock band from Afghanistan, emerged after the fall of the Taliban regime, their unique music became an anthem for new life after war. Join us for a powerful discussion on the impact of music in times of great change.