Music in Sync

Where the music and audiovisual sectors intertwine

Susana Costa Pereira
Pia Hoffmann
Markus Linde by thag's agent
Nuno Saraiva

Chaired by Susana Costa Pereira (Portugal), Creative Europe Desk Portugal;

with Pia Hoffmann (Germany), Music Supervising & Right Clearance;
Markus Linde (Germany), Europe in Synch • EinS;
Nuno Saraiva (Portugal), Lusitanian Music Publishing / Europe in Synch

We all agree on the importance of music in the audiovisual sector and on the relevance of the synchronisation market for the music industry. This session addresses and gives insightful information on two major intersecting topics. Firstly, how to break into the audiovisual sector: how do the different sub-sectors of the audiovisual universe find the right music for their projects; who should be approached, when and by whom; how to be prepared; how to promote your music. Secondly, intellectual property: mapping the challenges and opportunities in the digital era; addressing the master side (recordings) and publishing side (authors’ and composers' rights); and how to secure your rights. The session is led by a moderator and two speakers with real hands-on experience.