Music Networks for Green Europe

From an experience sharing to a global call for united action

Sébastien Laussel
Gwendolenn Sharp by Jasmine Bannister
Martyna van Nieuwland by Eric van Nieuwland
Amandine Saumonneau by Jinna Yang
Giambattista Tofoni

Chaired by Sébastien Laussel (France), Zone Franche, World Music Network; Gwendolenn Sharp (France), The Green Room;
with Martyna van Nieuwland (the Netherlands/Poland), Upbeat; Amandine Saumonneau (France), Zone Franche Network; Giambattista Tofoni (Italy/France), EJN Europe Jazz Network

From 2021 to 2022, the Zone Franche network carried out a collective project with a strong objective: to “decarbonize” a network whose DNA is all about international exchange, a challenge that appeared in order to guide the actions of all the professionals in the music industry. This work led to the drafting of a report with 148 proposals for a global strategy for the eco-responsible, committed and supportive world music industry.

Following on from this work, the Zone Franche network has other projects, like "World Music for Green Europe", which aims to bring together national and European networks around these key issues.

Zone Franche, the Europe Jazz Network and the Upbeat Platform will share their respective experiences, but this presentation is mainly an open invitation to all the national and/or European networks to exchange and create a collective action all together!