No Music On A Dead Planet

Music Declares Emergency & what music has to do with the climate

No Music On A Dead Planet_Speakers
Sam Lee by Dominic Tyler
Chiara Badiali by Rirli Raitma
Dan Raffety
Ula Nowak by Katarzyna Kukielka


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Chaired by Sam Lee (UK), musician/artistic director, The Nest Collective

with Chiara Badiali (Switzerland/UK), knowledge and sector intelligence lead, Julie's Bicycle;
Ula Nowak (Poland), music events producer, journalist, Mosaic Beats;
Dan Raffety (UK), music director, Shambala Festival / Kambe Events

Culture (it's said) eats strategy for breakfast. Scientists say that 2020 is the deciding year for humans to act in combating the likelihood of runaway climate change that will affect the Global South first & hardest. The Music Industry's leverage could be the difference needed to enable necessary societal shift, so how is this change to happen? In 1 year, MDE has radically transformed the UK industry’s commitment to greenhouse gas emissions with 3k+ (inc most major labels, orgs & festivals) committing to CarbonZero by 2030 latest. What can the WOMEX community do to mirror this transformation? How can our practices adjust preemptively and encourage our artists and industry to lead the call to action? Big change is required at all levels of operation but ultimately this is a creative challenge and we are creative people tasked now to protect our industry, our cultures and our children's future.

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