North American Networking Session

A holistic approach

Isabel Soffer
Ana Rodriguez by Calavera Estudio
Soffer, Kish, Rheaume, Rodriguez
Shoshona Kish by DiggingRoots
Amanda Rheaume

Coordinated by Isabel Soffer (USA), globalFEST + Live Sounds;
with ShoShona Kish (Canada), International Indigenous Music Summit; Amanda Rheaume (Canada), International Indigenous Music Summit; Ana Rodriguez (Mexico), Troker/Relatable

As close and intertwined as North America is geographically, economically, politically, and culturally, it is incredibly diverse. We’ll use this unique opportunity to get to know each other and network as North Americans (and those who want to connect with North Americans) in the broadest sense of the region making special efforts to get to know the Mexican, Caribbean, Central America and Indigenous parts of the region.