Rebuilding Our Broken Industry in a Broken World

Action plan to rebuild a fairer and far more inclusive industry

Alfredo Caxaj by Barbara Taylor
Sonya Mazumdar by Vasanthy Hariram
Jackson Allers by Richard John


Chaired by Sonya Mazumdar (India), EarthSync

with Jackson Allers (USA/Lebanon), Beats and Breath;
Alfredo Caxaj (Guatemala/Canada), Sunfest Canada

Pre-pandemic times were already challenging for artists in developing, suppressed, and isolated regions. Visa issues, socio-political unrest, low representation from the cultural sector or financial support were some of the most commonly faced obstacles. Along with indefinitely closed national and international borders, this pandemic brought even more increased inequalities. Remote formats replaced intimate live performances and unfamiliar digital spaces, created further distancing.

New norms like virtual stages or streamed shows assume the world is connected and borderless. However, where digital connectivity, funding and access to quality digital production are limited, vulnerable artists and independent music players cease to exist. This panel will: share their views and knowledge; discuss action points with participants for solidarity, support, and professional responsibility; link cross-border networks, media and funding agencies to generate broader actionable engagement and a far more inclusive music ecosystem.