Reshaping the Narrative

Gender, authority and new approaches to music journalism

Martyna van Nieuwland by Eric van Nieuwland
Araceli Tzigane
Andrea Voets by Claudia Hansen


Chaired by Martyna van Nieuwland (Poland/The Netherlands), Music Meeting;
with Araceli Tzigane (Spain), Mapamundi Música; Andrea Voets (Belgium/The Netherlands), Resonate Productions

Who holds the power to shape the narrative about music, musicianship and musicians? This discussion will delve into the current state of music journalism, exploring the status quo of this professional field and its implications for the working lives of artists. It will address the issue of female musicians not being intellectually taken seriously and not being questioned on topics other than practicalities. Why does this disparity exist, and how can it be addressed?

Martyna van Nieuwland, Andrea Voets and Araceli Tzigane will provide insights from their respective perspectives on this important topic