Music and movement building in the United States

Karima Daoudi
Catalina Maria Johnson, by Santiago Weksler
Shanta Thake, by Tammy Shell
Leyla McCalla, by Sarah Danziger

Chaired by Karima Daoudi (USA), Old Town School of Folk Music; with Shanta Thake (USA), Joe’s Pub; Catalina Johnson (USA), Beat Latino;
Leyla McCalla (Haiti/USA), Leyla McCalla

The United States finds itself in new territory with a political climate that is specifically targeting vulnerable communities. With a plan to build a border wall between the US and Mexico, a proposed ban on immigration from six Muslim majority countries, halting the acceptance of certain refugees, ongoing state violence against black people and endangerment of native people, lands, and waters, the time is ripe for movement building. It’s happening! And music is playing a major role. This session will explore the ways that presenters, artists, organisations, and media outlets are using music as a tool to build intersectional resistance movements in the USA. Examples will be drawn from movements such as the Movement for Black Lives, the Native American Water Protector (NoDapl) Movement, Latinx, immigrant and refugee rights movements among others.