Rhythms of Knowledge: Mapping Music Conferences in Latin America

Exploring their relevance, diversity and impact on the development of music

Ana Rodriguez by Calavera Estudio
Martín Canessa


Chaired by Ana Rodriguez (Mexico), Troker/Relatable;
with Martín Canessa (Chile), Lichens Family

In recent years, music events have evolved beyond their traditional roles of artistic showcases and have become vital sources of knowledge and networking.

This conference session will present a comprehensive map of Latin American events, ranging from local to national and regional festivals. It will explore their unique characteristics, including their association with cultural traditions, recognition of intermittent communities, educational opportunities and technological trends.

By analysing data such as frequency, size, focus on musical genres and online activities, the panellists will demonstrate the relevance and occurrence of these events in the music industry, emphasising their impact on artistic circulation and knowledge configuration. Join this session as it maps the music industry’s diverse and vibrant landscape in Latin America.