Smart Money

Exploring alternative funding for festivals

Alexandra Petropoulos
Paul Duhaney by Wesley Storey
Yves Taquet by Linecheck Festival


Chaired by Alexandra Petropoulos (UK), Songlines;

with Paul Duhaney (UK), Africa Oyé;
Yves Taquet (Belgium/Croatia), Goulash Disko Festival

Liverpool’s Africa Oyé is a successful, ever-growing festival that remains unticketed even with 30 years under its belt. Goulash Disko in Croatia is the first music festival to be entirely crowdfunded. Songlines editor Alexandra Petropoulos sits down with Paul Duhaney (artistic director of Africa Oyé) and Yves Taquet (CEO of Goulash Disko) to discuss their unique approaches to funding, examining both the challenges and benefits, the social and economic impact on local communities and whether sources of alternative funding could offer festivals new modes of survival in these post-pandemics times.