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It’s that old black rooster sound. Wheezing Farfisa organs, twanging surf guitars, a theremin, the essential güiro and plenty of percussion rolling out the loping grooves of Amazonian cumbia, huayno, cumbia sonidera, boogaloo and Peruvian chicha. It’s the soundtrack to a psychedelic spaghetti western starring the Grim Reaper, Mexican-style, brought to you by Sonido Gallo Negro. The nine-piece instrumental combo from east Mexico City have crafted their lysergic cumbia mix into an engrossing audio-visual experience with a wardrobe full of pagan masks and bone-suits and the input of artist Dr. Alderete who, as well as tweaking the theremin, uses tagtool software to create projected images in real-time, intuitively reacting to the music. This year they released their third studio album, Mambo Cosmico, and have been busy altering people’s perceptions across Europe and South America.

Gabriel Alejandro Lopez Flores - guitar, organ, musical director
Luis Israel Martinez Martinez - bass
Enrique Casasola Castillo - tymbals, toys, cymbals
Edwin Irigoyen Santiago - congas
Roberto Vargas Bañuelos - güiro, percussions
Jorge Fabian Alderete - theremin, VJ, drawing in realtime
Lucio de los Santos - flute, percussion
Dario Maldonado Cardeño - guitar
Julian Perez Huerta - sampler, keyboard