Sonido Mestizo. The Nu LatAm Sound Ecuador

Sonido Mestizo, Foto by Vico Salazar
Sonido Mestizo, Foto by Vico Salazar


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Directed by Pablo Mensi
Duration 66'- Spanish with English subtitles

Production Country and Year Argentina/Ecuador, 2017 - Produced by Grant C.Dull - Co-produced by Juan Diego Illescas - Director of Photography Juan Carlos Donoso, Jonatan Magario - Sound ZZK Films - Editor Pablo Mensi -Distributed by ZZK Films.

"Ecuador is incredibly diverse" music producer Quixosis says in the movie: “Behind every hill, there's another micro-climate, with another tribe with another people who make another music.” Sonido Mestizo is a road movie across Ecuador in search of this variety – from traditional musicians to the young generation interpreting the roots anew by infusing them with the current international trends. A new perspective of the past, present and future of the Latin American music culture, the globalization process and the defence of their own identity.

Pablo Mensi holds degrees in image and sound design as well as in screenwriting. Both interests merge in over 10 years of experience directing and producing documentary films for multiple platforms. Producer Grant C. Dull's ZZK Records, was founded 2008 and is one of the driving forces of digital Cumbia, digital folklore and Reggaeton in Argentina.

Pablo Mensi & Grant C. Dull will be present for a Q&A session after the screening.