Sound Mind, Sound Body

Performance, Education and Wellness - a new creative paradigm

Satya Hinduja
Zoe_Armfield by Phil Hardman Photography
  • event type:Conference
  • date:13 May 2024 - 17 May 2024
  • city/area:Berlin
  • venue:Colosseum, Berlin
  • country:Germany
  • event posted by:Piranha Arts

Chiared by David Murphy (UK);

with Satya Hinduja (Composer and Sound Artist); Zoë Armfield

To be relevant, resilient, and sustainable, our challenge as a sector is to make unequivocally clear to politicians, corporations, charitable funders, and the public the enormous social, economic, and therapeutic benefits of musical experience. Through emerging technology and dynamic partnerships we can forge new connections and creative paradigms that shine a spotlight on the tangible benefits of music-making.Presented by Conductor David Murphy, Sound Artist, Composer and Alchemic Sonic Environment Founder, Satya Hinduja, and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic’s music and health champion Zoe Armfeld, Sound Mind, Sound Body will explore the renowned Liverpool Philharmonic Music and Health Programme, which has partnered with the NHS for over 15 years, and Harmony of the Worlds, a ground-breaking collaboration between the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and Alchemic Sonic Environment which combines spatial and tactile audio with an array of electronic and acoustic instrumentation. Both projects push the boundaries of performance art whilst demonstrating enormous social impact.