Stage 4 Everyone

Promoting accessibility and inclusivity in the music industry

Hugo Ferreira by Idalécio Francisco
Agnes Margit Pethes
Fernanda Maurício


WOMEX 23 Conference: Stage 4 Everyone
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Chaired by Hugo Ferreira (Portugal), CCER MAIS, CRL/Omnichord
with Fernanda Maurício (Portugal), APCC (Associação de Paralisia Cerebral de Coimbra); Ágnes Margit Pethes (Hungary), Add On

Accessibility and catering to specific needs should be key subjects. Eurostat estimates that nearly 15% of the European population faces major obstacles to participation in cultural events due to disability issues. When the audience is considered in terms of millions, it must be acknowledged that thousands of individuals with creativity and skills who can contribute to and reshape the music sector.

While legislation has been improved for audiences, there is still a need to discuss and expand accessibility for artistic and professional music teams. By having role models on stage, larger audiences can be cultivated. As part of a Creative Europe-funded project called 5ª Punkada, a Portuguese band comprising musicians with specific needs toured Europe, engaging with other musicians, promoters and accessibility experts. This session provides thoughtprovoking insights from this tour.