Startijenn (France)


Breton music ambassadors Startijenn (meaning 'energy') first began playing in 1997 when they were 13-year-old school friends, which could help to explain the cohesive ease with which they perform their experimental, trance-inducing mix of modern and ancestral music, combining traditional instruments such as bombard, binioù, uilleann pipes, diatonic button accordion with a driving rock basis of bass and guitar. Proud of their Celtic language and culture, since their first album release in 2006 they've been busy on their mission to bring the spirit of the Breton 'fest-nos' tradition to audiences around the world, performing so far in China, Malaysia, Australia, Denmark, Italy, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands and Spain. They've also collaborated with Algerian Raï star, Sofiane Saidi, and French-Iranian percussionist and Afro-beat expansionist Cyril Atef, bringing Brittany to the international trance table.