Sufi, Saint & Swinger

Sufi, Saint and Swinger by Lloyd Miller
Sufi Saint Swinger © Llyod Miller
Sufi Saint Swinger © Llyod Miller
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Directed by Camilla French and Andrés Borda
71 mins | Colombia/UK, 2018 | Farsi, English with English subtitles

A tragic story of one man’s unique musical talent affected and conditioned by the culture, politics and expectations of American society from the 1950s and its tumultuous relationship with Iran. Music virtuoso Dr. Lloyd Miller’s life seems stranger than fiction. And adding to the strangeness is the archive film reel from a distant Iran in the 1970s, a country where he finally found acceptance and love. The film gives one last chance for Miller and Khurosh Ali Khan to be heard and exist again.

Camilla French is a British-Chinese director/producer. While in China, she made 'Lost in the Muqam', a film about an Uyghur musician. Andrés Borda is a writer/director from Colombia. He has directed several shorts about prominent Colombian artists, including Norman Meija. Together they set up Bardo Films and 'Sufi, Saint and Swinger' is their first feature.

Andres Borda, Abbas Nokhasteh and musician Dr. Lloyd Miller, will be present at WOMEX 19 and there will be a Q&A after the screening.

Produced by: OpenVizor
Producers: Abbas Nokhasteh, Camilla French, Andres Borda
Director of Photography: Camilla French, Andres Borda
Sound: Camilla French
Edited by: Andrés Borda, Juan Soto
Music by: Dr. Lloyd Miller
Contact: OpenVizor