Supporting Artists At-Risk Networking Session

Ashley Tucker
Matthew Covey by Dan Efram


Coordinated by Ashley Tucker (USA), Artistic Freedom Initiative; Matthew Covey (USA), Tamizdat

This networking session launches a revolutionary mentorship programme and resource, empowering the WOMEX community to increase its involvement with at-risk, persecuted and refugee artists. Led by Artistic Freedom Initiative (AFI) and Tamizdat, and joined by at-risk musicians, International Cities of Refuge Network (ICORN), Freemuse and PEN’s Artists at Risk Connection (ARC), we discuss the needs of the at-risk artist community and how this programme addresses those needs. Through structured breakouts, we connect attendees with the programme and engage the WOMEX community to contribute its vast experience and expertise to this critical, timely issue and resource.

This session launches a formal network of industry professionals that enables new points of access, inclusivity and connectivity between the WOMEX community, at-risk artists and the organisations that support them.