Supporting Artists At-Risk Networking Session

Activating allyship & building bridges

Ashley Tucker
Matthew Covey by Dan Efram


Coordinated by Ashley Tucker (USA), Artistic Freedom Initiative
with Matthew Covey (USA), Tamizdat

By building new connections and stronger networks, this session empowers the WOMEX community to increase its involvement with at-risk, persecuted, censored, and refugee artists. Led by Artistic Freedom Initiative (AFI) and Tamizdat, we explore the needs of the at-risk artist community and activate vital allyship where performing arts and human rights intersect. Structured break-outs engage the WOMEX community to contribute its vast experience and expertise in support of at-risk artists. Exchanges will focus on building meaningful mentorship relationships between threatened artists and industry professionals, advising at-risk artists on how to prepare to apply for a WOMEX showcase, connecting threatened artists with bookers, presenters, agents and managers, and tying the WOMEX community together more closely with advocates for artistic freedom.

Join us to meet, greet, and make an impact!