Sync 101: How to License Your Music in Film & TV

Learn the basics, the process and what to expect

Steph Rusthon
Thomas Katongole-Strauch by Mariam Katongole
Sina Ataeian by Arash Marandi
  • event type:WOMEX 20 Conference Session
  • date:24 Oct 2020
  • time:13:00 - 14:00 CEST
  • venue:Online Event
  • event posted by:Piranha Arts


Chaired by Steph Rushton (Canada/France), music supervisor, Seven Seas Music

with Thomas Katongole-Strauch (Germany), label & publishing manager, Switchstance Recordings;
Sina Ataeian (Iran/German), filmmaker, Dena Films; artist

This 60-minute session will allow musicians and other industry professionals to learn how music is placed in films & TV. It will cover song rights, metadata, tips on researching music supervisors and real examples of the dos and don'ts of reaching out. It will also address common questions such as when to register with a PRO, when is a pub/pub administrator necessary, how income is earned and split, current trends in sync licensing, placement timelines, opportunities for bespoke compositions vs pre-recorded music and how working with independent vs major labels/publishers can affect placement opportunities.

The live part of this session is over but you can re-watch the session recording via the preview window below. Enjoy!

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