Synchronisation Licensing Across Borders

How to get your music licensed halfway around the world

Dan Koplowitz
Ed Ashcroft
Paul Vials


Chaired by Dan Koplowitz (USA), Friendly Fire Licensing;
with Ed Ashcroft (UK), District 6 Music Publishing Ltd; Paul Vials (UK), District 6 Music Publishing Ltd

In an increasingly globalised music industry, sync licensing is perhaps the most global thing of all; not only is it possible to get your music in a major Hollywood film or an international ad campaign without having to tour or hire a publicist, but music supervisors are increasingly willing and eager to use a broad and diverse selection of international music in their productions.

Still, the sync industry can be opaque and intimidating to newcomers and can often feel difficult or confusing to break into, particularly for artists who don’t already have connections to music supervisors. The panellists will discuss the challenges and rewards of pursuing sync licensing across global borders.