The Brand of the Land

Best Practices and Case Studies of Regional Branding

Balázs Weyer by Bazánth Ivola
Tino Grasselt by Basan Rajbamovic
Minna Huuskonen by Pietari Purovaara
Marija Vitas by Bojan Đorđević

Chaired by Balázs Weyer (Hungary), Hangvető;

with Tino Grasselt (Germany), Tomato Production;
Minna Huuskonen (Finland), Minnamurra Music Management & Agency;
Marija Vitas (Serbia), World Music Association of Serbia

Regions with a strong cultural personality, like easily recognised sounds, familiar rhythms played on the radio, must feel like they hit the jackpot. Millions share the dream of traveling to Portugal or of a Balkan road trip, just because the region's sound touched them.
All regions have a special musical flavor – selling this brand, making it more attractive and accessible is our job. How can world music profit from the local brand, and how does it contribute to it? How to showcase the most attractive side of local music, and how to keep it relevant in modern times?
Join our roundtable discussion and listen to experts of buying, selling and promoting world music of specific cultural regions – be it Nordic or South East European. This conference panel is sponsored by MOST, the Bridge for Balkan Music (