The Gift (or Curse) of Sound and Vision?

Audiovisual media, musical heritage preservation and gateways to new sounds

Natalie Gravenor
Kaltrina Krasniqi by Vera Films
Cyrus Moussavi by Raw Music International
Bruno Murtinho by Amazonia Groove

Session 14

Chaired by Natalie Gravenor (USA/ Germany), Soundwatch Music Film Festival Berlin

with Kaltrina Krasniqi (Kosovo), Vera Films;
Cyrus Moussavi (USA), Raw Music International;
Bruno Murtinho (Brazil), Bambu Filmes

Audiovisual media are often integral to musical presentation. They promote and preserve musical expression. The music clip has been reanimated by the internet as portals to vast new worlds of music. Music documentaries, whether concert film and biopic or experimental, hybrid forms, capture musicians for posterity, contextualise performers and scenes.

Thus an ecosystem of labels, film festivals and online platforms has emerged. But does the ‘gift of sound and vision’ keep giving for musicians? Can the presence of musicians on film boost sales and gigs? What about the tension between insider/authentic (but possibly cryptic for wider audiences) and (potentially patronising) outsider/mediating perspectives? This panel with label, documentary and film festival professionals aims to start a dialogue about sustainable and eye-level music promotion and preservation through moving image.