The Policy of Progress

The state of advocacy for a more diverse cultural sector

Marie Fol by Michael Rathmayr
Zaineb Bouachra by MediaLab-Agadir
Karalyn Monteil


Chaired by Marie Fol (France/Belgium), advisor & researcher
with Zaineb Bouachra (Morocco), Anya; Karalyn Monteil (USA/France), UNESCO

Making the cultural sector more diverse is a priority for many within the WOMEX community. However, to effectively drive change, our understanding of the public policy initiatives that are shaping this transformation and the available resources for the cultural sector must be enhanced. This panel aims to unite influential cultural advocates and policymakers to delve into policy frameworks such as UNESCO’s Convention §16, the Fair Culture initiative, and Oslo World Utopia manifesto, and examine their potential implementation at the national level.

As part of a series of high-level discussions that bridge the music sector and policymakers, this panel is organised in collaboration with OTM, Pearle* and Zone Franche, with the inaugural event taking place at BabelMedXP ‘23. This panel serves as a public-facing segment of the diversity summit on public cultural policy scheduled for WOMEX.