The Politics of Music & the Music of Politics

Resistance from Beirut’s Experimental Music Scene

Grégoire Couvert
Roy Arida
Wassim Bou Malham
Charbel Haber
Racha Baroud

Chaired by Wassim Bou Malham (Lebanon) Chief Strategy Officer, Factory People

with Roy Arida (France/Lebanon), director & producer, STANK Films;
Racha Baroud (Lebanon), actor & director;
Grégoire Couvert (France), director & visual artist;
Charbel Haber (Lebanon), musician

Khamsin, one of the films in this year film programme, traces back through Lebanon’s history in the wake of the civil war. Bodies rise. Words collide. At the heart of this, musicians from different backgrounds connect their instruments and make them resonates from all sides. Together with filmmaker Grégoire Couvert, producer Roy Arida and featured artist Charbel Haber and Racha Baroud we explore the art of resistance, post punk and experimental movements in Beirut, waving together seamlessly with the dystopian state of the country. An urgent talk, a creative context of multiple layers, binding politics to the individual. Chaired by Factory People founder Wassim Bou Malham.

This session is now over and you can re-watch it through the video-preview below.

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