The Turbans


The Turbans by Nitai Neateye
The Turbans by Zoe Savitz


The Turbans play music from ‘Manywhere’, and they play it anywhere. The London-based global ensemble with roots in Turkey, Bulgaria, Israel, Iran, Greece, Spain, and England, have taken their high-energy blend of Balkan, Klezmer, Gypsy and sundry other styles around the world; to India, Hong Kong, the Middle East, Europe and the USA.

The story started some seven years ago with a chance meeting between two British-Iranian nomads in Kathmandu. Guitarist Oshan Mahony and violinist Darius Thompson began busking through India and beyond, picking up musicians on the way. The idea grew and grew, and so did the audiences and much happiness was released. This year, alongside incessant touring, they unveiled their shiny debut album – massively crowdfunded by their global followers – with the indeed legendary Jerry Boys at the controls. Going manywhere fast.

Oshan Mahony - rhythm guitar
Darius Thompson - violin
Morski - electric guitar, lead vocals
Pav-Mav - bass guitar, lead vocals
Pablo Dominguez - percussion
Max-Oud - oud
Cabbar Baba - darbouka