Traces Eritaj

© Victorine Yok
© Yoktown's
Vox Sambou & Yoktown's


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Directed by Vox Sambou & Yoktown's
Duration 40’ | French with English subtitles

Three Canadian musicians travel to Haiti to join singer and beat-maker Manno Beats to support a mobile clinic project in the mountains of Les Cayes. By crossing the pearl of the West Indies, they follow in the footsteps of the diaspora, tracing the stories and rhythms that are dear to them, those which originated in Africa and evolved with the peoples who made them move.

Victorine was drawn to audiovisual production and cinema as a meeting-point between technology, art, science, business and creative practices. She has produced six feature-length documentaries for Canadian TV. Vox Sambou is a musician from Limbé, Haiti. He is a founding member of Solid'Ayiti, an artists and activists' initiative working in solidarity with movements fighting for social justice in Haiti.

Vox Sambou & Yoktown's will be present at WOMEX 21.

Production Country and Year Canada, 2021
Producers Vox Sambou, Yoktown's
Director of Photography Yoktown's
Sound Vox Sambou, Yorktown's
Editor Yoktown's