Vildá by Joanna Suomalainen and Jimmy Traskelin
Vildá by Ernesto Calderon


Arctic fells, frosty winds, wide waters and deep forests; the elemental inspirations behind the music of Vildá, the duo founded on the intuitive communication between accordionist Viivi Maria Saarenkylä and vocalist Hildá Länsman. It’s an original collaboration, blending Sámi yoiks with rhythmic accordion dexterity. Hildá Länsman grew up in Utsjoki in Finland’s far North. Her father was a reindeer herder and her mother is renowned singer and Sámi culture activist, Ulla Pirttijärvi.
Viivi Maria Saarenkylä was born in eastern Finland and draws influences from jazz, tango and Finnish folk music. In 2014, she took first prize at the annual accordion festival in Castelfidardo, Italy, and was declared Finland’s Accordionist of the Year in 2018.
Together as Vildá, they released their debut album this year and have already performed in Spain, Sweden, Bulgaria, France, Chile and Canada.

Viivi Maria Saarenkylä - accordion, effects
Hildá Länsman - yoik, vocals, frame drum

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