Vishtèn by Dave Brosha
Vishtèn by Dave Brosha


For 15 years the Acadian trio Vishtèn has animated audiences with its fiery blend of traditional French songs and original instrumentals fusing Celtic, Acadian and contemporary folk influences with energetic virtuosity, sweeping up awards and becoming a leading international ambassador for Francophone culture along the way, touring in Canada, the US, Europe and Australia.

The trio comprises multi-instrumentalists Emmanuelle and Pastelle LeBlanc from Prince Edward Island and Pascal Miousse from the Magdalen Islands. All three were raised in Francophone communities in which traditional music, percussive dance and kitchen parties were part of everyday life. Vishtèn gleefully carries the spirit of those parties into their live performances, adeptly utilising fiddle, guitar, accordion, whistles, mandolin, piano, bodhran, jaw harp, foot percussion and smoothly blending vocal harmonies to craft a contemporary traditional experience guaranteed to activate your inner Celt.

Emmanuelle LeBlanc - mandoline, flutes, jew’s harp, piano, foot percussion, lead vocals
Pastelle LeBlanc - accordion, bass synths, rhodes, wurlitzer, piano, lead vocals
Pascal Miousse - fiddle, guitar, stomp