Photo by: Dominika Szczech


With free-wheeling virtuosity and exuberant intensity Vołosi harness the energy of colliding musical worlds, creating a unique boundary-crossing fusion style rooted in Carpathian tradition, infused with classical complexity and charged with inspired improvisation, in which two violins, viola, cello, double bass and occasional pipes spur each other to greater heights. The quintet formed when classical violinist Krzysztof Lasoń invited three traditional musicians from the Silesian Beskids mountains to play at his wedding. He liked what he heard, as did his brother Stanislaw, a classically-trained cellist. The resulting collaboration made its debut at the New Tradition Festival in 2010, setting them on an award-winning trajectory, from winning the Svetozar Stracina Grand Prix 2011 in Bratislava for ‘Best European Folk Composition’, to taking the Grand Prix Czech Music Crossroads Award at Colours of Ostrava Festival in 2016.

Krzysztof Lasoń - violin
Jan Kaczmarzyk - viola
Stanisław Lasoń - cello
Robert Waszut - double bass