(The Ancestors)

Wahenga by Rebecca Yeong Ae Corey
Wahenga (c)Rebecca Yeong Ae Corey
Wahenga (c) Rebecca Yeong Ae Corey
Wahenga Poster


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Directed by Amil Shivji & Rebecca Yeong Ae Corey
93 mins | Tanzania, 2018 | Swahili with English subtitles

'Wahenga' follows John Kitime, a Tanzanian musician now in his sixties, as he sets out on a mission to put together an all-star band from the old days to revive 'Zilipendwa', the classic Tanzanian sound. He reconnects with people who played vital roles in the country’s music scene during its struggle for independence and formative years. Weaving memories of the past and dreams for the future, John and his bandmates revisit an era of gleaming horns and packed dance halls as they struggle to keep alive music that is inseparable from the national narrative.

Amil Shivji is a Tanzanian filmmaker and university lecturer.He has written, directed and produced a few short fiction films that have addressed issues ranging from corruption and land grabbing to a commentary on the growing class divide. He runs Kijiweni Productions as well as an independent cinema.

Rebecca Yeong Ae Corey is the managing and artistic director of Nafasi Art Space, a multidisciplinary centre for contemporary arts in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Rebecca also co-founded the Tanzania Heritage Project, which digitises, archives, records and promotes Tanzanian music.

Producers: Amil Shivji, Rebecca Yeong Ae Corey
Director of Photography: Nicholas Calvin
Sound: Amil Shivji, Rebecca Yeong Ae Corey
Edited by: Jerome Msoffe
Music by: Wahenga (the Band)
Contact: Kijiweni Productions