You Write? Know your Rights! Track and Cash your Royalties!

Register and secure the rights to your works and recordings globally

Florian von Hoyer by Mayra Franco & Miriam Sajeta
Mandy Aubry
Deborah Smith by Anara Publishing


Session 5

Chaired by Florian von Hoyer (Germany), artefactYou

with Mandy Aubry (The Netherlands), Songtrust;
Deborah Smith (UK), Anara Publishing

Whenever your music is streamed, purchased, used, spun on the radio or played live in some place on Earth, there are royalties to be collected. In order to get access to all your performance and mechanical royalties from around the world, you need to go beyond your local or national Performing Rights Organisation or collection society.

Confused by the so called ‘writer share’ vs. ‘publisher share’ of royalties? What is a performance royalty vs. a mechanical royalty? How can I access my writer royalties if there isn’t a PRO or CMO in my territory? Come and join us to learn more from our panel of experienced music industry professionals how you can access all the publishing royalties due to you, no matter where you come from.