Beware of FRAUD Telephone Calls and Emails!!!

photo Guido Pijper

Attention! Beware of FRAUD Telephone Calls and Emails!!!

Dubious services with names such as "Expo accommodation service” etc go through the "who-is-coming" lists of worldwide expos and then - one by one by hand! - find out these poor people's contact data on the internet. They then write emails or even call you (and us as well by the way) and offer hotel services and other bookings.

Illegally they imply (though not directly) they would be an official service provider and try to make you pay money for a "service" which you never wanted.

In many cases, the prices you get through these services are higher than the prices of direct bookings. Sometimes there even is a sort of pushy allegation that you SHOULD book through them. This is not the case!

Hotel deals for delegates are to be found on our website.

We are no lawyers but we have heard from several examples that the best way to handle this is to never answer to those services, even if you have been in contact and e.g. they start sending invoices for their services, which can happen.

We deeply regret that someone is using the good name of Classical:NEXT (and other fairs) for criminal or at least dubious actions. We are trying to contact these services in order to stop their actions. If there was something we could do against them - we would do it. Let us know if people call you and spread the word re this, please.

article submitted by:Paul Bräuer, Piranha Arts