Cast Your Vote For The 2019 Classical:NEXT Innovation Award


The Classical:NEXT Innovation Award places the spotlight on forward-thinking activities taking place around the world. In honour of the 200th birthday of Clara Schumann, known for her works for orchestra, chamber music and character pieces for solo piano, the 2019 Innovation Award celebrates women in music.

On the Shortlist you will find 10 of the most innovative projects taking place worldwide, led by women. The Nominating Committee has narrowed down the selection and now you have the final say and it is now your turn to vote for the winners of the Classical:NEXT 2019 Innovation Award.

Be sure to place your votes by 29 March 2019 and as a member of the Classical:NEXT community, you may cast three votes for three of the nominees.

With such an impressive list, determining the winners is by no means easy - which is why we need your help to decide! Voting is easy - just login to your C:N NET account and follow the link below.

The Award Ceremony will take place at the Classical:NEXT Closing in Rotterdam on 18 May 2019.

article posted by:Francisco Gonçalves Silva, Piranha Arts