C:N Club Showcases Return to WORM Rotterdam


Classical:NEXT’s Club Showcase offer delegates the opportunity to see outstanding artists perform in a Rotterdam club in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere, together with resident Classical:NEXT DJs.

This year, the Club Showcases are curated by Soho Classical host and Manners McDade global creative director Harriet Moss and executive director of Nonclassical, Eleanor Ward.

Two Club Showcases will be featured each night. Among them are Netherlands-native Jeditah, speaking to the imagination of the listener through their use of layered soundscapes; Victor Barcelo and Roberto Maqueda of the reConvert Project re-examine the use of percussion instruments, while electronic and contemporary music duo Lost Heritage combine musical rules and codes from the electronic and classical worlds; Śniedź, from Poland, bring together operatic vocal techniques and electronics to create what they call "glitchtronica".

From 22:00 onwards and in between Club Showcases, the Classical:NEXT DJs take to the stage and we are excited to reveal that joining us this year are, Harriet Moss together with Eleanor Ward and Ben Hogwood with Matt Groom.

article posted by:Francisco Gonçalves Silva, Piranha Arts