C:N Project Pitches Unveiled


Classical:NEXT is excited to announce the jury-selected Project Pitches for 2019. Covering a range of some of the most exciting art music projects from around the world, the pitches reveal a mixture of sound-sculptures, immersive multi-media, memorised symphonies and non-classical orchestras.

Delegates will be able to hear directly from the project leaders themselves and find out more about some of the most forward-thinking endeavours around.

The Project Pitches are targeted, fast-moving opportunities for creators and those on the lookout for new creations, for collaboration and inspiration. The pitches allow representatives from ensembles, music theatre productions and music projects to offer a rapid insight into their current offerings.

Find the full list of Project Pitches by clicking the links below — the selection is varied, exciting and absolutely #NEXT! Are you ready?

article posted by:Francisco Gonçalves Silva, Piranha Arts