End of Year Surprises with WOMEX Films on Demand

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December is upon us, yes, 2019 is almost over! To brighten up the end of another year and the near end of a decade, WOMEX Film brings you two more films on demand this month. Both these fascinating films give us a glimpse into the lives and histories of two virtually unknown but extremely gifted musicians from two very different parts of the world.

If you missed watching Shella Record: A Reggae Mystery and Sufi, Saint & Swinger at WOMEX you can now watch them as part of the December series of Films On Demand . Get access to the full films using your virtualWOMEX account.

The unreleased film Shella Record previewed in the WOMEX 19 Library and recently had its international premiere at DOC NYC in November. When asked why WOMEXicans should watch the film, the director Chris Flanagan replied, "Shella Record-A Reggae Mystery is a playful adventure and mystery that will suck you in and take you on an unexpected journey along with me. It is an unconventional documentary, which integrates my 15 years as a sculptor and installation artist through creative imaginings and film recreations. It is a deep dive into the remarkable story about the best song you never heard. I hope that at least some of my enthusiasm and passion for this music will rub off on the viewer." The complete interview with Flanagan who also owns a record label by the name of Shella Records can be found here.

Continuing on the same path of incredible discoveries is the story of Dr Lloyd Miller- one of the coolest and most innovative musicians that most of us have probably not heard of. Before it even was 'a thing,' Dr Miller fused real Jazz with Asian sounds, a pioneer of ethno-jazz. The documentary Sufi, Saint & Swinger based on the book by Dr Miller that goes by the same name throughs light on the jazz adventurer, multi-instrumentalist, multi-linguist, author and educator who might have even been a cultural spy. When asked about this Miller jokes," After hundreds of accusations that I was a spy, I can only say that I wish I were a spy then I would at least have had a job that paid enough... Where do I sign up to get that supposed spy job? " According to Dr Miller, his book is a completely straightforward description of his weird and goofy life along with his unsuccessful efforts to try to do something in music. The book is bereft of efforts to cow-tow to political correctness, and everything is completely honest to a fault. He hopes it can be offensive when necessary!

We continue the Films on Demand section well into the new year including new conversations with the directors of the 2019 Film Programme, so do keep checking in with us.

Until then, seasons greetings from all of us to you.

article posted by:Sana Rizvi, Piranha Arts